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The Meditation Manual! *SIGNED COPY* & FREE Mala Necklace

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    • For Sale is a SIGNED COPY of my New Book: "The Meditation Manual"! This copy can be personalized with ANY message and name you would like. 
    • This signed copy also comes with a FREE mala bead necklace!
    • How to buy: When checking out for this book simply leave the name & message you would like in 'NOTES' section of checkout :) It's that simple<3


  •    It appears that recently an increasing amount of books on meditation seem to span hundreds of pages, many containing  watered down teachings. Teachings that often become confusing to the reader and unknowingly complicate one of the most ancient & simple tools for awakening known to mankind. But what if meditation could be simplified? Enter The Meditation Manual

       The Meditation Manual is a straightforward guide created to effectively explain just what meditation is, what we are at our core & that by understanding Meditation one can move beyond the ego-centric self. We may in doing this bypass an area of living many of us unknowingly experience life's vantage through once & for all.
       As a result of practices that span powerful Hindu & Buddhist teachings, as well as modern methods, Koi Fresco aims to show us that by understanding our True nature and finding a method of Meditation which works for us, we hold the ability to awaken & relieve ourselves from suffering, sadness, anxiety & More.